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Georgia's Public Broadcast Systems are Peach State Public Radio (PSPR) and Georgia Public Television (GPTV). They are under the Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission and will be collaborating with GEMA and other state agencies to broadcast taped and live interviews and provide "real-time" information to the rapidly changing events of a hurricane threat.

Some information could be transmitted on television but the PSPR network will be a more likely resource for evacuees because they will be able to have access as they travel. The PSPR stations are:

Albany 91.7FM WUNV
Athens 91.7/97.9FM WUGA
Augusta 90.7FM WACG
Brunswick 89.1FM WWIO
Carrollton 90.7FM WWGC
Columbus 88.1FM WJSP
Demorest 88.3FM WPPR
Dahlongea 89.5FM WNGU
Fort Gaines 90.9FM WJWV
Macon 89.7FM WDCO
Savannah 91.1FM WSVH
Tifton 91.1FM WABR
Valdosta 91.7FM WWET
Waycross 90.1FM WXVS

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Last Updated: October 14, 2014 1:44 PM