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CCOAD-Logo.gifWelcome to CCOAD:

    You and I have not experienced a major disaster in recent years. Tornadoes have hit nearby counties and have caused minor damage in ours. You probably have not received extensive damage from those hurricanes that did pass by. However, the 1800's recorded a number of devastating storms of major hurricane intensity causing inundation and property damage to Savannah and Chatham County.

     Regardless of what some citizens say, the curve of the Georgia coast line does not protect us. Hurricanes are unpredictable and are guided by meteorological conditions. We cannot rely on our geographical location. A look at the NOAA website will give you a reality check (www.csc.noaa.gov/hurricanes/#).

    Many of our business and community leaders have not wrestled with the challenges of recovering from a major disaster. In fact, about fifty percent of our businesses do not survive to continue in the market place. More importantly, our employees, our customers and our citizens will be affected adversely. Without focusing on coordination and assistance by all leaders, our businesses that survive and the communities in which they operate will not get back to normal for a much longer time.

    The Chatham County Organizations Active in Disasters or CCOAD is a volunteer organization established to encourage business and community leaders to provide expertise and knowledge assistance before, during and after a major disaster. Our job is to identify and communicate to emergency managers, those business services, personnel and equipage that are needed but are not identified as assets for the emergency management authorities. We are the vital resource link the authorities will depend on for answers.  

    We need you as an expert in your field to assist us in this most important endeavor. After review of our web site, we invite you to fill out our partner memorandum to become a member and forward it to Chelsea Sawyer, Chatham Emergency Management Agency as she is our full time coordinator.  

   We look forward to your participation.

      Tom Roberts
      Chair, CCOAD    

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CEMA encourages everyone who lives, works and plays in Savannah and Chatham County to sign up to receive emergency and community notifications on their cells phones. Click here to get started or send a text message to Swift911.


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The Chatham County Siren System

The Chatham Emergency Management Agency conducts monthly tests of our emergency warning sirens on the first Wednesday of each month at 12 noon. If you hear a siren at any other time, it means take cover! Read more about our warning siren program.