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PrepareAthon Day 5: Business Preparation & Telethon Day!

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Day Five: Business Preparation &Telethon Day!

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Let's start with Business Preparation!
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Business Continuity Planning is about protecting your business and yourself if a disaster or emergency were to impact our community. As many saw during Hurricane Matthew, severe weather and disasters can wreak havoc on a small business. Taking time now to plan may help keep your business functioning during a crisis and could save you valuable time and money when you need it most. 

Developing a Business Continuity Plan includes four main steps:
  1. Consider conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to predict the potential consequences of business function disruption. In addition, it helps process and gather vital information needed to develop recovery strategies. 
  2. Take a look at the recovery strategies learned in the BIA and assess any gaps that may be prevalent. Also, during this step, take a look at your insurance coverage to determine what will be covered and what will not. 
  3. Organize your Business Continuity Team. This team should include a disaster coordinator who can activate the emergency procedures. Also, your team should consist of key business employees that have direct responsibility over vital functions in your Business Continuity Plan.  
  4. Conduct training with both the Continuity Team and the entire organization. Ensure that you test your organization's plan regularly and that employees know their roles and responsibilities during an emergency. 
Community Notification System Telethon!
-In an emergency, it is critical for us to share lifesaving information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Everyone who lives, works and visits Chatham County is encouraged to sign up for the Community Notification System to receive emergency and community notifications on their cell phones. 
-These alerts notify residents when there is a hurricane evacuation notice. It is a free service that is designed to make phone calls to specific areas in the event of an evacuation.
Registration is free and all alerts will be clearly identified as originating from SCMPD, City of Savannah, Chatham County or Chatham Emergency Management Agency officials. The system is designed to make phone calls to specific people or areas in the event of an evacuation.

-All listed landline phone numbers have already been programmed into the system, but since many people no longer have a home phone or primarily use their mobile devices, CEMA encourages citizens to register their cell phone with CNS.

-The system can make thousands of calls in a minute to convey vital information.
TODAY, CEMA staff, emergency response partners and volunteers will man phone lines at the Emergency Operations Center to assist residents who wish to sign up for the program. 

Phone lines will be open from 6 AM to 8 PM
To sign up, dial 912-644-8899

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CEMA would like to thank the following partners for lending their time and efforts to help make Chatham County's PrepareAthon a success:
•Chatham County's Public Information Office
•Chatham County's Office of Occupational Safety
•Mosquito Control
•Coastal Health District
•The Salvation Army
•United Way of the Coastal Empire
•Hands on Savannah
•American Red Cross
•Savannah Heritage Emergency Response (SHER)
•Disaster Control and Prevention 
•Chatham Emergency Management Agency Volunteers 
•Humane Society of the Coastal Empire
•The Harambee House
•City of Savannah Office of Emergency Management
•Southside Fire
•Georgia Power
•Carriage Trade PR

Last Updated: September 6, 2017 6:02 PM

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Be Notified by Phone in an Emergency

CEMA encourages everyone who lives, works and plays in Savannah and Chatham County to sign up to receive emergency and community notifications on their cells phones. Click here to get started or send a text message to Swift911.


Get Updates via Text Message

Text 'FOLLOW CHATHAMEMA' to 40404 to be added to the SMS notification list, powered by Twitter. Standard text messaging rates apply.


The Chatham County Siren System

The Chatham Emergency Management Agency conducts monthly tests of our emergency warning sirens on the first Wednesday of each month at 12 noon. If you hear a siren at any other time, it means take cover! Read more about our warning siren program.