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Day 1 Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Family Preparedness

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As we begin to approach what is normally the most active part of the year for severe weather events, Georgia will recognize February 5 - 9 as Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Over the last year, severe weather has been very active in Chatham County. We have had our fair share of events including tornadoes, Hurricane Irma, and a snow storm impacting different parts of the county. With the growing occurrence of severe weather events in our area, now is the time for families to develop their emergency preparedness plans. Planning for emergencies is not limited to your family and should be a consideration for your house of worship and place of employment. Each day this week, we will have a preparedness message for you to review! 

One way to prepare for the 2018 severe weather season is to make sure that your family, business, or house of worship has a reliable communication network in place. During a severe weather event, it is important that each member of your family or community can communicate with each other if they need assistance or are separated from the group. A simple way to do this is to keep a list of important contacts; this will ensure that the numbers are available in case your phone is lost or damaged. You can also designate an out of area contact, they may be out of range of the severe weather event and can easily call those in the affected area.

The next important step is to build a family emergency kit that you can easily store and carry when needed. This kit will have essential items that you and your family will need if you have to evacuate from the area or if there is a loss of utilities due to the severe weather events. The items in your kit could be food, water, can opener, flashlights, batteries, medication, or any item that you deem necessary. To learn more about what can go in this kit visit HERE.

Last, but not least, I wanted to inform you of three classes that we are hosting on Thursday this week to help you become more prepared! If you would like to join, please follow the link and register!


Class 1:

You Are The Help Until Help Arrives

Trinity United Methodist Church from 10am-12pm.

Learn More Here

Class 2:

You Are The Help Until Help Arrives

the American Red Cross office from 6pm-8pm.

Learn More Here

Class 3:

Skywarn Stormspotter Training

Emergency Operations Center from 6pm-8pm.

Learn More Here

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